If you’re not ready to make a long-term commitment but would still like to make a difference in an animal’s life, you may want to consider becoming a foster parent. Fostering a dog is a tremendously rewarding experience and truly saves the life of a dog who would likely not be saved otherwise.

Pitty Paws is a 100% foster home based rescue, we cannot help the dogs who need us without foster families. We do not have a large facility to house multiple dogs for an undetermined length of time. We rely on YOU, our fosters, to help save our Pitty Paws dogs! We community raise our fosters, meaning they must all get along! We pride ourselves on the comradeship of our dogs.

Sadly we can not save them all, there are just too many due to the overwhelming irresponsible breeding that takes place. There are so many pit bull type dogs waiting for our help in shelters and animal control facilities. Unfortunately for most, we will not be able to help them before their time runs out. We do our very best to help as many dogs as we possibly can, but again, we need foster families who can provide temporary care and love while he/she waits for their very own forever home. We do ask foster families to provide food if possible, however, vet care and other expenses are paid for by our rescue.

**A special thanks to our current foster families. You are all amazing and we could not do this without you!

If you are considering fostering a dog, please email us for more information at [email protected] or complete the application by clicking on the link below.

Foster Application


We NEED fosters, but we understand that not everybody is in the position to foster, but still want to help. If you are unable to foster, then perhaps volunteering will be your calling.

There are many ways to volunteer -

  • at events - we need volunteers to help walk and potty the dogs and show them when a potential adopter is interested,
  • cleaning at the main foster facilities. We currently have our dogs located at our main board members home. We can use help scooping poop, mowing the grass, and just playing and interacting with the dogs (so we can get other house work done LOL) If you have time (or need service hours for school or otherwise) this will count since we are a 501c3 non-profit organization!
  • helping coordinate activities - there's so much more we would love to do, but with all the dogs we have and our families too, our current time constraints won't allow for "extra" planning. If you are organized and have ideas and the time to help, let us know!
  • and working with the dogs basic training. Most of our dogs do fine and know some of the basics, but they can always use the practice! We would like to start holding some basic training classes for our fosters but we can't do it by ourselves. If you would be interested in helping out with coordinating classes, training or just coming and help work with the dogs we have, Let us know!!

If any of this sounds like something you would be interested in helping with, please email us for more information at [email protected] or complete the application by clicking on the link below.

Volunteer Application