About Us

Pitty Paws Bully Rescue was started in April of 2018 by founding directors Brenda Bleier, Wesley Pupi and Lesley Mansilla.

Brenda first began her experience with dog training when volunteering with the Victoria Dog Obedience Club and eventually becoming secretary of the club for 3 years. She began her work with a local rescue group in February of 2017 with her first pregnant foster, Tula, who would later give birth to 8 puppies and become her first foster "fail" (success). She went on to foster over 95 dogs in 1 years time with 60 of them being litters of puppies in her care.

Wesley Pupi has been rescuing dogs in Victoria for the past 6 years or more. She has been a valuable asset bringing her nursing skills to help care for all of Pitty Paws Pups.

Lesley Mansilla has many years of rescue experience in private rescue. She joined forces with a local rescue several years ago and came on board with PPBR to get it up and running. Lesley is currently back in private rescue.