PPBR is focused on community outreach, education, and socialization of local pit bulls, bully mixes, and their owners/caretakers and foster parents.

Their mission is to end the negative stigma of pit bulls and bully breeds and to be true ambassadors of the bully breed by promoting responsible dog ownership. Exercise, training, respect for others (both human and canine), spay/neutering, proper identification, and education are just some of the key components to being a breed ambassador. There are so many wonderful bullys waiting for their forever homes, many the result of irresponsible or uncontrolled breeding. PPBR ensures all rescues are spayed or neutered before being placed in a new adoptive home.

Education is just as important when owning a bully breed dog. PPBR strives to educate all foster and adoptive parents on the characteristics of their 'Pitty Paw' pup so that when they are confronted with myths and stereotypes, they can share facts instead.



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